Morning Supervision / Fragrance-Free School

Important Information


Morning supervision begins at 8:30 am.  At the end of the day, the supervisors are outside until all students are picked up and busses have left. 

Student Drop Off and Parking at ÉRS

*As we continue to teach our children safe practises, please use the crosswalk with your child when crossing the street.  Please do not cross in between or in front of busses, use the designated crosswalks.

*We encourage you to utilize the parking on the northside (pool entrance/main doors) of the school for pick-up and drop off of students.

*Supervisors are out each morning and after school.

*Please avoid parking or stopping in the bus lane during this time (both east and south side of the school).

We thank you as we continue to work together to create a safe place for all our ÉRS students.

Fragrance Free

We would like to remind parents and students that École Routhier School is a fragrance/scent safe environment. There are staff members and/or students who could suffer severe adverse reactions when exposed to even the smallest amount of fragrance or scents. We ask that the community support us in our efforts to maintain a healthy and safe environment by refraining from wearing fragrances or scented products when visiting the school, even if your visit will be short. 

Healthy School Communities

As per Administrative Procedure 241, the staff will choose 4 days throughout the year in which we can choose from the ‘Choose least often’ category.  The dates selected by staff are: December 22, February 14, June 4, and 6, June 26.  Thank you for your support in assisting us with these guidelines.

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